Amazing Keto Dos and Don’ts Tips – Secrete of Keto 2021

To achieve ketosis there can be many things that you need to know.  Because reaching the state of ketosis is very hard. So, you need to know Keto Dos and Don’ts if you really want to achieve as well as maintain ketosis.

Ketosis is the state in which body starts to eat away the fats instead of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are easily available in the body for making energy. So, body feels reluctant to use fats for energy. Ketosis in the body is achieved by having low carb diet.

However, only the diet alone cannot work so you will have to have a blend of exercise, supplements as well as diet to kick start ketosis in the body. However, you need to know dos and don’ts so that you achieve sustainable ketosis.

Keto Dos and Don'ts

Keto Dos and Don’ts

Here are the few things to keep in mind

What to Do on Keto

  • You need to have the perfect keto diet with calculated amount of carbs. You need to limit your carb intake and increase protein intake.
  • You need to adopt keto friendly habits like you can’t have sugar in your coffee and drinks. Moreover, even little things matters from eating popcorn to chewing gum and having honey. You can have keto friendly gum and you can include little popcorn to your diet but you have to leave having honey.
  • You are leaving things that have nutritional values so, you need to include such things in diet that can satisfy your nutritional needs.
  • You also need to follow keto boosting exercise
  • You can have dietary supplements and vitamins pills to balance your body nutritional needs.
  •  You need to know any imbalance of nutritional can hinder losing weight so you need to maintain your nutrition of the body.
  • Note down your weight before having keto diet, exercise as well as pills in your system

What to not do on keto

  • One most important thing to maintain ketosis should be that you do not cheat keto diet. The moment you cheat the diet you will be taken out from the ketosis.
  • Fruit juices are also sugary so you also need to avoid them .
  • Check everything you are including in diet and calculate the carbs do not over intake the carbs
  • Don’t have that supplement that can take away your ketosis.
  • If you are athlete then you may need carbs do not deprive the body of carb if you are an athlete.
  • Do not leave keto diet if you think you are not having the desired effects. Your body may be adopting the new diet so leaving the keto diet can make your body confuse and you may be end up gaining more weight than losing.

There are also many things to look for on the keto diet. However, 3 things may be the key to ketosis that are diet, exercise and dietary supplements to maintain your nutrients requirements.

There are many researches that indicate that having low amount of nutrients can increase the chance of obesity. So , if your body is lacking of something you need to provide your body with that mineral or nutrients without disrupting ketosis.


Keto Dos and Don’ts can tell you variety of things that you need to do and not do on the keto diet. You may need to change your diet completely, by this I mean that you need to avoid having regular bubble gum and have the keto bubble gum and other such things.

After knowing Keto Dos and Don’ts you may have an ample idea about things you can do the keto diet. The most important thing to note is that you are cutting off the things that may contain nutrients required by the body. So, you need to provide your body with that nutrients.